Fusion Radio’s Manny Esparza Interview – September 25, 2013 – DMC # 1

Today on the Dance Music Consultant podcast, we speak with Fusion Radio Chicago’s Manny Esparza. Manny is the program director of Fusion Radio, the Promo Only Summer Sessions Internet Dance Station of the Year for both 2012 & 2013. On the show, Manny speaks about:

The stations humble begins.

The Big City Radio companies attempt to create a national radio chain

The current research methods and the demos for the station.

His take on the effects of FM radio jumping into the Internet game

The Dance Music Bubble Theory

How you can get your music on Fusion Radio

His take on objectionable lyrics in songs

Lady GaGa and the Pioneer Radio Network

All this and more on this edition of the Dance Music Consultant with John Parker.