Frank Murray
VP, Promotion at Robbins Entertainment

John is responsible for signing Cascada, need I say more?

Sean Ross
VP/Music & Programming, Edison Research

John is a tireless champion for dance music — thank him for being one of the people who carried the torch for a decade to its current place of radio domination. Also a genuinely great guy.

Hosh Gureli
Primary Wave Music – Management Partner

John Parker is a long time trusted colleague that has deep knowledge in the Music Industry from A&R, Marketing & Promotion. His ability to stay current and relevant in this ever changing industry is evidence that he knows what he is doing and deliver results. You are in good hands with John Parker.

Danielle Czesniewski
Manager of Administration & Production at Kobalt Music Group

John Parker is an absolute pleasure to work with! He was one of the first people I met when starting in the industry and his experience and intense passion for his work is incredible. It’s an honor to speak highly of John and his passion for music as his influence on the industry is nothing but memorable. I’m such a proud supporter of John and can’t wait to see what else he has in store to continue his success.

Murray Elias
Director of A&R — New York at Dipiu Music — Reshape Records

I have known John Parker since we first worked together at Profile Records in the early nineties. For as long as I have known John he has always been on the cutting edge of dance music and the club scene. During our time at Profile, he was very instrumental in helping me cross dancehall music over to the clubs and mix shows. I have always regarded John to be one of the top professionals in the Dance Music field. He is incredibly knowledgeable about both the music and the Dance Music Industry. He understands the game and he makes records happen. He has a great set of ears and he is a real record man. His experience in both promotion and A&R gives him a very unique perspective. In my dealings with John, he has always been straightforward and focused on the records or job at hand. John is a real committed professional and has always been a pleasure to work with.

Dave Novik
at Dave Novik Enterprises

John is the consummate music guy; he knows great songs over a wide range of musical styles, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of artists and songs. He has tremendous relationships in many entertainment spheres, and I would heartily endorse John in any endeavor.

Music Business Executive and General Manager

John is a multi-talented executive with a vast knowledge of music and a long-standing, venerated reputation in the music business. Having known John for over 9 years, I have been fortunate to work with him in various capacities at Robbins Entertainment, the Dance Music Hall of Fame, Parker Recordings and Promo Only. John’s track record of hits and his career successes speak to his many strengths as he has consistently excelled in his a&r, promotion, company head and professional advisor capacities. Personally and professionally, John is one of the most highly respected executives in the world of music.

Brian Chin
Owner at Spit and Shoelace Music

John Parker has distinguished himself as a committed, effective disciple and activist for dance music from its birth to the present day and forward, ever since I met him as a co-worker at Profile Records in the mid-1990s. What a fine, motivating colleague he was in the founding of the Dance Music Hall of Fame. And his creative work in the Robbins Entertainment Happy Boys comps makes the best case for the relevance of new dance music to be found anywhere. “Keep the faith” is the pure, brilliant vibe I always get from John.I’m so grateful and glad we’re friends.

Owner, Everness

John is an expert in music promotion.

CEO Sama Music/Rhythm City Dj Skool

John knows the music Biz inside out if you want honest feedback on the direction your going musically Johns your MAN great work ethic and a true visionary.  John is a true Pro I co sign him with my eyes closed he will get the JOB DONE.

personal manager at Dead On Management

“I was introduced to and worked with John Parker, when one of my artists was signed to Robbins Entertainment. He was a pleasure to work with. John has a true passion for music, is very professional, and embraces creativity in all facets of the music industry”.

Domenic Armano
[ Web Project Management & Operations | Analytics | Mobile Platform | UI-UX Testing | Globalization ]

John’s love for music is clear as day in any conversation you have with him. He certainly possesses a great deal of knowledge, and is successful at finding “that right” sound as is supported by his tenured success in this delicate industry.
As a DJ working clubs and mixshows over the years, I have learned to often look at John’s playlist (from B91), knowing he has a knack for finding that great next big thing. As a promoter he is very respectful of other colleagues in the industry, providing support wherever he can to insure our indystry’s long term success.
Above all else, John is one of the people I look up to in this industry, and do so with the utmost respect, because not only is he a great professional, but he is simply an awesome person as well.
I highly recommend John Parker to any artist looking to promote their music or any company looking to add a promoter with character, knowledge, and integrity to their team.

Music Branding Consultant, Curator, Producer, Program Director, Content Management, Artist/Label Relations

I have worked with John Parker for more than a decade and have found his professionalism, knowledge and expertise to be nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend John Parker for his exceptional work in music promotion, marketing, and artist development.

Louie Torres
NY Niteclub DJ – Various

John Parker is a record promotions dynamo who has worked some of the top hits from labels including Profile Records, Robbins Entertainment, and Promo Only. He is thorough and definitely persistent in pushing his artists to the top of the charts, and reinforcing this with the support he gains from his connections with radio MD’s and mixshow dj’s. His work ethic is top notch and one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Recording Artist/Performer

I’ve known John Parker since 1998, when he was at Robbins Entertainment and I was touring with their artist, Rockell. Being around John as a young artist in the music business I got an education that one couldn’t pay for, but would if they could. His knowledge of the business is second to none and although his success has consistently grown over the years, his ego never has. I had a full circle moment when getting to work with John again in 2011 for the Promo Only Summer Sessions concert, he still remains the great guy that I met back in 1998. I’m very proud to call him a friend.

Anthony Sanfilippo

I’ve known John for many years and he has proven himself to be knowledgeable, professional and informed about the music business.

Principal, EJS Associates

John and I worked well together. Creativity is one of his greatest strengths. He was constantly looking for new ways to promote Select Records and its artists.  A team player.

Owner, Tazmania Records

John Parker is an all around true professional. He is highly knowledgeable in his field and one of the best in the business. John and his colleagues at Promo Only Promotions make a great team, along with their years of experience you can’t go wrong.

Fred Munao
Owner, Select Records

I gladly recommend John Parker. He was an employee of mine at Select Records and always performed his work well. He’s knowledgeable, personable and efficient. I’ve known that he has had successful stints working for other companies as well. I would expect John to be reliable, dependable and productive wherever he goes.

Director of Library and Media Technologies at College of Staten Island

I have known Mr. Parker for many years and through various roles. I found him to be a hard working and extremely competent person who consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients.

Operations Coordinator For ESPN 850 WRUF AM & Florida’s New Country 103.7 The Gator WRUF FM at University of Florida

John is one the best in the business. He has a great ear for music, which can be seen for all the songs he helped sign over the years. The best thing about John, is he is just a great person all around. There is not a bad thing to say about him. John teaming up with Cary Vance and Promo Only is match made in heaven.

Elena Lanza
Record Label and Independant Artist Operations Consultant/ Mommy Blogger

I’ve worked with John and Promo Only on many many projects over the past few years. John has been nothing but completely professional, punctual and highlyknowledgable in the field of dance Radio (specifically Internet stations). With the fuure of our business heading more and more into the digital realm, Johns knowledge is invaluable. so are his contacts and personality.

President at OK!Good Records

I’ve known John for many years and every time we had opportunity to work together he always impressed me as being very professional,hard working and most of all extremely passionate about the music, artists and projects.
John is highly effective in all his professional endeavors be it in marketing,
promotion or A&R. Much respect from my end!

Producer / Songwriter / Remixer / Owner of JDE Music

I had a great experience working for John. He is a extremely hard worker and very caring. He always takes time to make sure a project gets done and with 100% quality. He is also a great guy. I recommend him.

Joe Yannece
Professional Audio-Video Sales & Support / Audio Mastering Engineer

John is a consumate professional. We have worked together on many
highly successful projects. John brings years of experience and sound decision making to the table.

Jim Tremayne
Editor at DJ Times/Coordinator for DJ Expo

In the 20+ years that I’ve been co-organizing DJ Expo, I’ve had many positive working experiences with John. As a longtime promoter of dance talent, John has helped deliver plenty of top-flight acts to the show and he’s contributed mightily to our schedule of seminar panels. He’s always been professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with (not bad, considering he’s a Mets Fan.

Director of A&R at Sony Music Entertainment

John was a great manager with an incredible taste for music. He was also on the cutting edge of what was happening in music. What I remember and admire the most about John is his passion for music and his deep knowledge about the business of music.

Ron Slomowicz
Music Editor at ClubPlanet

As a dj and journalist, I have had a long relationship with John going back to when he was at Robbins Entertainment. He promotes high quality musical production and is very fair and respectful with regards to my needs as a DJ (cd, files, videos) and journalist (links, information, pictures.) I would strongly recommend any dance artist needing promotion to dance radio to contact John Parker at Promo Only Promotions.

Part of the Crew at RCS Worldwide

I also work with Promo Only as well as programming radio stations. John has always been a top quality guy and produces results with the best of them. He has always been a pro to work with, reliable, dependable and results oriented.
Always an honor to see John, he is one of the good ones.

Lainie Green
Founder | CEO at The GreenHouse MGMT & PR (Formerly) Aurelia Entertainment, Inc.

John is the most genuine and sweet guy I know in the music business. He is always helpful and will give you honest advice where others would not even bother. He is a stand up guy which and I am blessed to know him.

Writer/Creator V.I.Princess Animated Series and Brand

I have known John for a few years now, he has some of the “Best” Listening ears in our business. He knows when he hears a hit record and when he doesn’t! He has proven this time and time again. He is not only a total pro but he manages to be nice at the same time. John has earned my respect and all of his peers as well. He even had the foresight to start his own radio station, back when the greater NY area lost one of it’s valued ‘dance” format stations. There is no doubt in my mind that John will continue to bring us great dance records and more in the coming years!

Owner, Citiboy Entertainment

I can say without doubt that John Parker is man of integrity and loyalty. He embraces his job with open arms and tackles each and every chore with glee. His energy and quest for knowledge has taken him to where he is today and will certainly bring him to higher places.

David Jurman
Publishing Professional

John is a consummate music industry professional who I highly recommend as both a top-notch A&R and promotion executive.

Owner, Buzz Publicity

I’ve known John Parker for many years. He is a consumate music industry professional with a strong track record of success. He is focused and devoted to music – with a kean ability to spot top musical talent.

Radio Personality, Mixshow / Club DJ, Host/Emcee, Producer, Voiceover Talent

John Parker was a pleasure to work with when I was at KNRJ. He took care of my mixers by providing them with great music (by Robbins Ent., of course) and was consistent in keeping me informed of new tracks, etc. Jon is always professional, fun to work with, and persistent in providing great music!

Aly M. Cleary
Publisher at Cooking In Stilettos & Aloha Flavor | Brand Ambassador | Writer | Recipe Developer | Recovering Publicist

John Parker is clearly one of the best A&R professionals I know in the industry today.

I had the pleasure of working with John when one of my clients was on Robbins. John would go above and beyond to ensure that a release was a success. He is an asset to Robbins and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Veteran of Radio Programming and Entertainment

John is a dedicated rep, who I have known foir years., He is passionate about the dance format, and is a true industry professional.

Digital Project Manager/Delivery Manager – Pfizer

John and I worked closely together to help promote my single ” If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and successfully charted it to number 4 on the Billboard Dance Radio Chart.

Alan Freed
Dance/EDM Music & Media Specialist, Voice Talent

John was one of my two contacts at Robbins and among all of the music reps I dealt with, he was one of the tops wrt being familiar with the channel and knowing which of his projects would likely fit, saving both of us time. That’s probably a product of his radio background and it was highly appreciated.

Director at The Buckingham Research Group

John is a consummate professional. He is punctual, detail oriented and always goes above and beyond to get a job done. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and look forward to the opportunity to do so in the future.

Scott Bucher
On Air Mix Show Dj at KYLI -FM Las Vegas (Pulse 96.7 FM)

John epitomizes the heart of the dance community.

He is just as eager as I am to find great new music first. Having that shared vision makes working with John very, very easy. He is aggressive yet patient, knowledgeable and straightforward. Every business move he makes is a calculated one and helps build trust within the business relationship you are in.

John is one of the easiest guys to work with!

Mix Show DJ at Mix 104.7 WSGL

John is a great person to know in the music industry. He is very upbeat and passionate about what he does. When it comes to music he has a great ear for the next hit that he stands behind till it becomes just that.

Executive Producer: Talk/Specialty Programming at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

John is a knowledgeable guy with a great ear for a hit record. I know that whenever I get a promo in the mail from him, that it will surely find it’s way into my mixshow. Plus- he’s an old school B91 guy!

John England
VAT Auditor at TTM International

John Parker has been fantastic to work with. A hard-working, independent strategist, he has always put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. His detail and devotion to the dance music industry is second to none!

CoOwner at iBar Baltimore, LLC

Never have I dealt with one who had such clear vision to cut through the nonsense which runs rampant in our industry……….As Popeye sez: Honesky is the best polisky.

I always appreciate the time spent with John.

Payroll Clerk at Jofaz Transportation

John and I worked at B91 together and I couldn’t ask for a better Program Director. He was knowledgeable, professional and always willing to help a newcomer like me.

Giuseppe Di Caccamo Jr.
Musicmaker. President/CEO Trina Enterprises LLC

John Parker knows dance music. He definitely has the ear to the streets as well as the understanting of what works on radio. Much of the proof lies on the success of Robbins Entertainment, where he has been since the beginning of this influential record label.

Geoffrey Colon
Communications Designer @ Microsoft, Author “Disruptive Marketing” (2016), Cannes Lions Recipient

John is one of the hardest working professionals in the dance music industry if not the entire music industry. His dedicated work ethic toward the dance music hall of fame has given more and more credibility to a niche market that deserves more exposure.

Hillary Putnam
Ceramic Artist at Hillary Putnam Ceramics

I have known John Parker since 1989. He has always been a wonderful man and a dedicated employee! John would be an asset at any company that he was employed at! John is hardworking, smart and witty! And boy does he know his music!!!

Joseph Iovelli
Independent Agent at Aflac

If you are given the opportunity to work with John Parker, I envy you. John is one of the most professional people I have ever had the good fortune of working with, as well as knowing personally. His attention to detail, his “stick-to-it-tiv-ness” and his burning desire to see a project throught to it’s completion have been a source of inspiration in my own endeavors. Don’t be hiding any details from John because in order to solve problems, he leaves no stone uncovered.

David Neel
Senior Trainer and Implementation Specialist at ZeaVision

If there was one word I could use to describe John it’s consistency. Quality work, upbeat positive attitude and always willing to help out. And his ethics and standards haven’t changed in the 30+ years since I’ve known him. An asset in any capacity I have a great deal of respect for John Parker.