SFX and Clear Channel, A New Billboard Dance Album Champ and much more – January 13 2014 – DMC # 11

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to check out this, episode number 11 of the Dance Music Consultant Podcast. My name is John Parker and I started this podcast to give you some insight on the wonderful world of dance music. Today on the show we have stories of SFX and Clear Channel doing a deal, A record set on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, we take a look at the Forbes 30 under 30 and a very interesting Facebook post and my pick hit of the week. All that and more coming up on this episode number 11 of the Dance Music Consultant podcast.

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. As you saw, I decided to shut it down for the holidays and just enjoy the downtime. Not much really happens over that time in the music industry so it’s a great time to just re center ones self, work on planning out a strategy for the new year and really just enjoying some time with the family. Hope you all got a chance to do that.

First let me go over some of the things that I have planned for this show in the near future. I’m really going to concentrate on getting more interviews from the people that are out there on their grind and making things happen in dance music. There is nothing that’s more interesting to me that talking to people that are creating success for themselves or their artists. That info will be very helpful to those that utilize it. If you’ve missed any of the shows previous interviews, you should go back and listen because each one has some great insight.

What I’m not really sure about Is the news segments. To someone that listens to the show a month or a year from now, the information will be old. I don’t want old information to keep people from getting to the informational nuggets that we talk about after that. So that said I’d like your input. Do you like the news or should we just ditch it? Let me know by leaving a message in the show notes or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter..
The big story of the week was the SFX and Clear Channel marketing and content partnership. The partnership will be totally centered on the fast growing Electronic Music category and it contains 3 really key initiatives.
1) A National DJ/Producer contest in partnership with Beatport.
2) A weekly Beatport Countdown show
And 3) an original live event series.

Let’s take a deeper look at all 3.

The creation of a national dj talent contest airing live on Clear Channel stations nationwide and well as on the Evolution branded iHeart stations. It will also be taking place in the iHeartRadio Theatres in NYC and LA. The winner is going to appear at the newest SFX festival called Mysteryland. That takes place Memorial Day Weekend on the sacred rock n roll grounds of Woodstock in upstate NY. The winner will also be awarded a recording contract with a yet to be named label and support from Beatport.

The next portion will be the creation of a Top 20 Countdown from Beatport to air on Clear Channel Stations nationwide. The top Clear Channel stations that will be airing the Countdown include Z100 in NYC, KIIS in LA, WKSC in Chicago, KYLD in SF, KHKS in Dallas, WITH in Washington DC, Q102 in Philly, WWPW in Atlanta, WEDX in Boston, WKQI in Detroit and Y100 in Miami to name a few.

Word is that the live component to this deal might be a National EDM event that focuses around Halloween 2014.

“Partnering with the clear leader in broadcast and digital radio is a key strategic relationship for SFX,” said sfx entertainment cHAIRMAN/ceo ROBERT F.X. SILLERMAN. “The framework we have established with CLEAR CHANNEL, whose stations include KIIS-FM and Z100, brings the electronic music category to a broader audience and delivers on what we believe the young music consumer wants today. It also allows us to amplify the promotion of DJ/Producers who are the life-blood of our industry.”

“The demand for electronic music continues to increase across all of our platforms at CLEAR CHANNEL,” said CLEAR CHANNEL Pres./Entertainment Enterprises JOHN SYKES. “This strategic partnership with SFX will give our audiences access to a deeper selection of music content and live events.”

This week Billboard Announced that Armin Van Buuren has set a new record for the most albums to ever chart on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart. His latest release: “A State of Trance Year Mix 2013” marks the 20th album that has charted in the charts 12 year history. Other acts in the Top 10 are:

At #10: It’s a tie between Riddler and DJ Skribble with 11 titles each

#8: is a 4 way tie between Moby, The Pet Shop Boys, Johnny Vicious and David Waxman with 12 titles apiece
In at #5 is Bad Boy Joe with 13 titles charted

Tied for #3 place is Tiesto and…well, now it’s time for me to pat myself on the back, The Happy Boys with 18 albums charted. For those that don’t know, the Happy Boys was the artist name that Cory Robbins came up with for the mixed albums that he and I started in 1997. After a few albums, Stephanie Karten joined us and then they charted a couple more albums after I left in 2008.

At #2 with 19 charted albums is Louie Devito. And as mentioned before, the new Dance/Electronica Album chart champion is Armin Van Buuren.

Speaking of Armin Van Buuren, he’s announced a new partnership with Heineken, seeking to challenge his fans to stay in control whilst having a great night.

The global campaign, called “Dance More, Drink Slow”, delivers a powerful responsible drinking message in a new, compelling way. It focuses on making moderate drinking an aspirational behaviour when enjoying a night out, highlighting the importance of staying in control.

At the centre of the ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ campaign is a new Armin van Buuren track called “Save my Night”, which encourages and celebrates moderation during a night out.

The ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ campaign will also be brought to life through “The Experiment”, a film featuring Armin van Buuren. The social experiment focuses on two separate nights out in the same club with the only difference being the DJ. The film demonstrates the influence a DJ has on consumers to change their behavior to dance more and consequently drink slow.

Armin says “The reason I have partnered with Heineken on ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ is because we have a fantastic opportunity, and responsibility, to connect better with our audience and affect behavior change. Drinking responsibly is an important issue and being able to use music, specifically the “Save my Night” track, to innovatively deliver that message directly to fans on the dance floor is unique.”

Watch the music video here: http://bit.ly/1gAEklB


Forbes has announced it’s annual 30 under 30 list and a couple of dance music superstars can be found amongst the musicians that made the chart. This year the music list is championed by Bruno Mars who comes in at the top slot but he’s closely followed at #2 by Avicii. Also on the list are Calvin Harris and Zedd whom Forbes noted is one of the fastest rising producers in pop and hottest dj’s in dance music.
The Grammy’s this week announced that in addition to Daft Punk playing the Grammy stage, they are going to be bringing along a couple of friends. Those friends are R&B legend, Stevie Wonder along with Random Access Memories featured artists, Nile Rodgers and Pharell. Daft Punk is up for 5 Grammys this year and the ceremony takes place on January 26th.
This week while perusing my Facebook feed I came across an interesting post from long time producer, artist and remixer, Barry Harris. For those that may not know, Barry was in a band called Kon Kan and had a hit called, “I Beg Your Pardon” in the 80’s and later started the remix team , Thunderpuss, with Chris Cox. So I want to read you this post and a follow up he posted because if it’s true, and I have no reason to believe that it isn’t, the statements that Barry makes are simply unbelievable. He calls out labels and artists that he believes haven’t paid him royalties and some that he believes have used his music without the right to do so. So here we go straight from Barrys Facebook page:

Just for the record. I haven’t been paid 1 cent for anything i’ve ever done solo wise – “Dive In The Pool” and “I Got My Pride” since 2003. Nervous records have never tried to find me, nor Pepper Mashay, nor Tommy Boy records. Pepper Mashay put “Dive” and “I Got My Pride” on her compilation own personal label & C.D. in 2007 without even asking me. I haven’t spoken with her since 2003, though i have tried a few times over the years to make friendly conversation. I’m not bitter nor angry, just saying. I could have asked anyone to sing on “Dive In The Pool” and not have credited them, but i like to think i’m a ‘fair and nice’ guy somewhat within the crazy & vicious music business. I’m quite sure Pepper has made more of a living off of “Dive In The Pool” the past 13 years than i will ever see in my life time…..there…i finally said it!! Ce’st la vie…right? (Ok..perhaps i AM just a little pissed off at the moment, sorry to be a bit ‘unprofessional’).
I believe Nervous no longer hold the rights to “Dive masters” yet continue to put out remixes every few years without even conferring with me. Same with Nick Fiorucci and “I Beg Your Pardon”. The “I Beg Remixes” were licensed to Hi-Bias for a 5 year period back in 1993, yet he’s put them up for sale on his site and Beatport about 5 years ago and is still selling them today. No one has ever approached me for any kind of approval what so ever.

And that ended the posts. Other than it being an interesting read, there really isn’t much that I can add to it except that if you screw with people in this day and age you have to be prepared to be called out in social media. Again, I can’t tell if what Barry is saying is factual , but I’m going to assume that it is, but it certainly is interesting.

In an email to the industry, Brett Holcomb announced that he’ll be leaving WBZC-FM at the end of January as he moves his family to Florida. His wife has taken a position with the University of Florida and they will be moving to Gainsville with their daughter.

Brett writes:
“I do want to thank you all for your support over the past 8 years of my tenure at Z889. It has meant the world to me and my students. I have some meetings this week with the college’s president to discuss a game plan for when I am not here. Once I have more information I will share it with you.”
And I’ll pass that info along to our listeners as well once I get it..

it’s time for my new music Pick Hit of the Week. This weeks song comes in from Contagious Records and our friends at BIG Management. The artist for my pick hit of the week is multi talented. On Weekends you can find her behind the mic at WKTU as she plays NYC’s Feel Good music. She was also once known as the Queen of Freestyle, Judy Torres has worked extremely hard to show her versatility with her pure dance singles. This may be the best of any in recent memory. Here’s “Beautiful Life” by Judy Torres and it’s my Pick Hit of the Week. Feel free to tell me what you think about the song by leaving a comment in the shownotes on DanceMusicConsultant.com


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