Tips For Getting Remixes Done – October 9 2013 – DMC # 3

Starting things off this week is Borasio from Pulse 87 (

This weeks news stories include a look at:

MurphDawg from Long Island’s Party 105 ( gets promoted to Promoted to Program Director

Krewella ( finds album chart success with their new album, “Get Wet”.

Kim Sozzi ( does a limited run on the Off Broadway Play, My Big Gay Italian Wedding (

Sophia May ( announces her retirement from the music biz on Facebook.
And ATB ( & JES ( hit the road for a couple of dates.
We also take a look at the wonderful world of remixing. From deciding why you want to do a remix to selecting a remixer to the always asked, How many remixes is too many. We also talk a liittle about Soundscan ( and the POOL Track Trends Remix Chart (

And finally we take a sneak peak at my pick hit song of the week, “Beg Borrow, Steal” by Ayah Marar ( on Radikal Records (

All this and more on this weeks edition of the Dance Music Consultant with John Parker.